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“This letter serves to confirm that Iscor Vanderbijlpark is using both the steel and yeloroll idlers manufactured and supplied by Conveyor and Industrial Supplies.

We have been using their products in all conveyor applications.

We have been purchasing the new idlers roller “Yeloroll” with good results for our high abrasive and corrosive conveying conditions. We are completely satisfied with the performance and quality of the products supplied.

The Yeloroll is recommended for adverse and conveying condition.”


Noel Lancaster Sand:

“This is to confirm that we have used and tested the “Yeloroll” idler roller since November 2001 in our crushing plant to produce crush stone and silica sand, results were more than satisfactory due to the harsh conveying conditions, dusty, abrasive and corrosive material we found we are getting better life out of the Yeloroll and less bearing failures.

We are slowly replacing our steel & HDPE rollers with “Yeloroll” rollers.

We would recommend “Yeloroll” in any conveying conditions.”



“We have used your 3 types of rollers for approximately 18 months under severe conditions of salt handling.

The belt is unprotected in the open carrying wet salt and subjected to a periodic drenching of brine.

Your rollers have stood up to these adverse conditions remarkably well and there has been no evidence of premature failure.”

Mike Simons



“During January 2001 the following rollers which was purchased from Continental Conveyors (Pty) Ltd. were installed to the K24 Export conveying section in the Port of Richards Bay where all conveying problematic conditions are experienced.

500 Troughing rollers

150 Return rollers

The noise level are below acceptable levels

The rollers have since operated maintenance free

Products conveyed via K24 Conveyor system

Standard Zircon ZSG

Rutile A grade RAG

Welding Rutile RWG


Randalusite (1-4mm) and (3-8mm)


The “Yeloroll” is recommended for adverse and conveying conditions.”

Project Leader

Dry Bulk Terminal


Department of Minerals and Energy:

“We convinced ourselves by actual test with SABS that the sample submitted does not promote flame spread and would not burn even when forced with an oxy-acetylene flame.

The Department have no objection against the use of the Cert-Lok Yelomine Pipes in mines.”