The Components

An Innoveyor Idler Roller with the InnoFlex® Self-Aligning Bearing Technology consists of:

  • A Shaft,
    The solid steel shaft runs the full length of the idlercomponents
  • the Combi-Cap,
    Each shaft end is covered by a Combi-cap shaft cap protector.
  • the SKF PEER  Bearing,The SKF/Peer Metric ball bearings sit on top of the Combi-Cap shaft protector and not directly on the metal shaft.
  • two Grease Retention Seals and two Rubber Contact Bearings Seals,
    The Innoveyor InnoFlex® Self-aligning bearing housing technology;  is engineered with 4 independent seal zones which protect the bearing from the ingress of solids and liquids.
  • the Bearing Housing,
    The engineered surfaces of the InnoFlex® Self Aligning Bearing Housing cut through sticky corrosive solids, allowing the roll to operate smoothly upon start-up
  • the Flinger Cap,
    The centrifugal and mechanical forces created when the labyrinth seals turn, keeps solids out.
  • and the Roller.
    Idler rolls manufactured with the InnoFlex® bearing housings do not expose steel edges that could tear or damage conveyor belting.