Exalon® Polyethylene Rolls

exalonAn EXALON® roll has a specially formulated polyethylene shell. It is fully conductive and MSHA approved (MSHA Acceptance Marking “MSHA IC-56/2”) for flame resistance to ensure safe use in underground applications. EXALON has been shown to last significantly longer when tested against leading brands of steel rolls in the bulk handling industry. EXALON® rolls are especially long lasting in highly corrosive and/or highly abrasive environments.

EXALON® rolls offer these other advantages over traditional steel rolls:

Extended Life – EXALON® rolls with a highly abrasion resistant formulation and extreme wall thickness (3/4″) have shown life expectancies twice that of steel rolls and even up to five times as long in highly corrosive and/or abrasive applications.

Decreased Belt Damage – EXALON® rolls have a low coefficient of friction. If a roll should stall, the belt will slide over the roll and eventually flatten the surface. EXALON® rolls do not expose steel cutting edges that could tear or damage conveyor belting.

Weight – EXALON® is 20-30% lighter than steel rolls and this reduces drive horsepower.

Sound Dampening – EXALON® rolls generate lower noise levels. This is especially noticeable in underground mining applications.

Build Up Resistant – The non-adhesive property of EXALON® resists build-up.

Conductivity – EXALON® proprietary formulation prohibits static buildup in underground applications.

Cost Efficient – Because of longer idler life and reduced damage to conveyor belting, conveyor up time is increases along with its corresponding production.

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